Fence Services

Aluminum Fence


Durable Fence Company in Wilmington, NC offers many styles of aluminum fencing. From residential to commercial grade. Aluminum fence gives you the look of wrought iron at a more affordable price. Aluminum gates can be flat or arch top. Need a wider opening to move vehicles or equipment thru? Add a double drive gate or an estate gate. Aluminum fence lasts for many many years maintenance free and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We offer Independence, Independence Plus, and Independence Premium, aluminum by Master Halco as our main aluminum fence options. Quality fencing for over 50 years! Looking for a specific brand of aluminum? Just ask!

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Privacy Fence Wilmington, NC

 Durable Fence Company in Wilmington offers several types of vinyl fence supply and installation by Legends and Illusions brand fencing. From privacy, semi privacy, picket, to ranch rail. Picket styles from traditional to arched, and scalloped pickets. Most vinyl fence comes in colors of white, tan, and gray,  Some vinyl we carry has more options available for selective styles such as grey aged wood, and  traditional  wood tone. . Matching gates are available for all styles in single walk or double drive gates. You can find the links to both Legends and Illusions brochures on our brochures page as well. Our vinyl offers long lasting fences you can count on year after year.!

Chain Link Fence


Durable Fence Company offers both residential and commercial grade chain link fence. Galvanized and vinyl coated.

Our vinyl coated chain link looks great and lasts! It comes different color options to suit your tastes. Need privacy? If privacy is a must, ask us about Slatmaster as an add on to your chain link fence today.  Chain link fence is a cost effective solution to securing your yard or business. If you need extra security you can add a barbwire top.  Perfect security fencing for commercial sites that are prone to break-ins. We have more chain link info on our "brochures" page. Check them out also for more info on our chain link options available. We offer Spectra, Spectra Bond, Permafused, Slatmaster,  SurTrac cantilever gate systems, and more.

Wood Fence

Wood western red cedar privacy fence

We offer 3 different styles of wood fencing. Style offered are stockade, board on board, and shadowbox.We  use Alta Forest Products pickets and rails and  Postmaster + posts exclusively as they are premium products that come with a manufacturers warranty(cedar 15 years, Rightwood 10 years, and Postmaster + Lifetime).   Durable Fence Company offers western red cedar or Rightwood  plus for our rails and pickets and Postmaster + for posts.  Rightwood is available pre-stained  which saves you money later.  Western red cedar is naturally insect repellent and known to last longer than treated pine, which is notorious for splitting, warping, and shrinking(This is why we, as a company, no longer offer pressure treated pine). Postmaster + posts are made of steel so they never rot, warp, twist, or split! Each post is also easily concealed with a single picket, giving your fence an all wood look! Postmasters come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. You have to check out Postmaster Plus gate post! They are phenomenal!  Postmaster is the solution to have the strength of steel with the natural look of wood.  Postmaster also warranty functionality of whatever is connected to them, giving you a fully warranted fence. Durable will only offer fencing we can offer warranty on.  As with all wood projects, we suggest staining or better yet painting, to ensure a truly durable, long lasting, wood fence.



 Durable Fence company is proud to offer FenceTrac fencing systems as an option for residential and commercial projects around Wilmington, North Carolina.  These fencing systems really are "All That"!   FenceTrac can be purchased with or without infill, giving you the option to choose your own so you can get the look you want and the security you need.  Infills as large as one inch thick can be fitted into the u channels both vertically and horizontally. Try FenceTrac with a composite fill!

Here are SIX reasons you will love FenceTrac:

Reason #1 – FenceTrac provides an unlimited array of options for looks, style and design

Reason #2 – FenceTrac has a much longer lifespan (with lower lifetime cost) than traditional wood or vinyl fencing

Reason #3 – FenceTrac creates a stronger fence that provides more privacy and more security

Reason #4 – FenceTrac looks fantastic in both residential and commercial properties

Reason #5 – FenceTrac enhances the aesthetic appeal and value of your property

Reason #6 – FenceTrac is easy to assemble, easy to maintain and easy to customize.